On growing older

Date October 3, 2012

Me at 50

They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body.
~ Unknown

A couple of months ago, I reached a milestone in the age department, which, on the one hand, doesn’t really bother me, but on the other, I’m freaking out because, OH EM GEEZ!  I am 50.  FIFTY.  The big FIVE-O.  Didn’t I just graduate from high school?  Wait, that was my oldest daughter.

Do you remember having the ability to go out until all hours of the night and then get up the next morning (provided you even went to bed), go to work and do it all over again?  I’m afraid that if I tried that, I would be doing face plants on my keyboard and have &#!!**^^@@’s permanently embedded upon my forehead.   I’m not sure how I would explain that to my doctor.

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.
~ Jennifer Yane

I used to be able to get down on the ground, and then back up again with relative ease.  Now getting up requires something of a Herculean act, whereby I have to roll over to my knees and look around for something to pull myself up with or someone to pull me up.  I generally accompany this with some grunts and groans to mask the massive crackling of my joints as well as the occasional barking spider who likes to make its presence known whenever I attempt to exert myself.  You’re welcome.

All of this is not to tell you that I think I’m old, I really don’t.   It just feels odd.  I cannot seem to wrap my brain around the fact that I have lived over ½ of my life.  So far, it’s been a great.  I’m blessed beyond belief that I have a wonderful family, a nice home and a great job.  This is only the beginning of the list.  There are a lot of goals I would like to reach this year, and I’m well on my way to getting there.  Be that as it may, there are a couple of things I would like to know:

  • Where all this hair is coming from?  Not the hair on my head but the stuff that is sprouting up on my face.  It grows so fast!  I pluck it one day, and the next I’m curling it and adding some beads.
  • What happened to my bladder?  I used to be able to hold up to about 22 gallons before casually making my way to the restroom?  Now?  Not so much.  And may the good Lord bless you if you are in my pathway.  My friends and I joke that we now can laugh, cough, sneeze, fart, and pee all at the same time.  When I heard things like this in my younger days, I would just smirk.  Now, I just make sure I bring a change of clothes with me.

All in all, I’m enjoying it.  Of course, it’s only been a little over a month.  I’ll keep you posted.

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One Response to “On growing older”

  1. Theresa said:

    ” I pluck it one day, and the next I’m curling it and adding some beads.” Best. Line. Ever.

    And i no longer need the extra clothes – I had that taken care of in 2005. Best thing I ever did for myself. Twins are not kind on one’s bladder.

    But I feel ya. I am 46 and often wonder what the heck happened.

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