Date October 13, 2010


Yesterday, while preparing for a huge meeting I have today, I received an urgent text from my daughter Meelie, who was at school.

Her:  Come get me right now!

Me:   What’s wrong honey?  Are you sick?

Her:   No, I just don’t feel like being here.

Me:  ………….


Yesterday, I was working on huge report that is due by noon today.  I had it nearly 3/4′s of the way done.  I  had to be home by 5:30 in order to take Meelie to practice, so I packed up all of my stuff, intending to finish it up at home.  I dropped the girls off, and fired up the work laptop and opened up the file.

It was the one I had downloaded that morning (raw data).  None of my work had been saved.  None of the formatting, comments or updates.  NOTHING.

Me:  ………………  I purposefully blanked out what I said at that time because my mom reads this blog and I don’t want to have to wash my mouth out with soap.  I will say that I overheard my oldest tell my youngest:  “Mom’s pretty mad, I hope it wasn’t something we did.”

So I put on my big girl panties and got down to work.  I’m nearly halfway there.  I think I can make it.  I’ve got five more hours.

What do you think?  Think I can make it?

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4 Responses to “Yesterday”

  1. AussiePomm said:

    I love the comment by Meelie “No, I just don’t feel like being here”!!

    And then to have them say “Mom’s pretty mad, I hope it wasn’t something we did.” really just puts the (sour) icing on the cake!!!!

  2. Han said:

    You can do it!! Don’t give up! Is Meelie okay?

  3. Gordon said:

    All text messages from teenagers / preteens are IMPORTANT yes thats with a capital IMPORTANT :P
    It sucks that the work got lost bet it’s lurking somewhere on the company network, I do hope you got it all done though :)

  4. Carmi said:

    If anyone can pull off the impossible and get the mega report in by deadline, it would be you. All while managing the juggling act remotely because parenting duty calls? You make it look like a piece of cake as you set the bar for the rest of us.

    I’ve been in the got-home-only-to-realize-the-data-just-wasn’t-there conundrum too many times to count. You’d laugh if I described the ridiculously retentive geek processes I’ve evolved to ensure it never happens again. It involves some technology (like flash drives, cloud-based services and scripting) as well as some good old-fashioned bailing twine, breakfast cereal and prayer. Anything to avoid that feeling in the pit of my stomach as I stare at a blank screen. You have my absolute empathy.

    Oh, almost forgot: Hi, Laura’s mom!

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