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Fitting in

Date November 11, 2010

There are days when I am so homesick for California I feel as though I will snap in two from the force of emotions.  I’m not so sure it’s the people I miss (though I do miss my brother and his family, and my Robin “PHO!”) as much as it is the familiararity.  The feeling of [...]


Date October 13, 2010

Yesterday, while preparing for a huge meeting I have today, I received an urgent text from my daughter Meelie, who was at school. Her:  Come get me right now! Me:   What’s wrong honey?  Are you sick? Her:   No, I just don’t feel like being here. Me:  …………. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday, I was working on huge report [...]

I’m so happy!!!

Date July 19, 2010

My MOM! She commented on this blog post! AND? The comment was seriously great. Thanks Mom. I love you! You just made my day!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Date July 19, 2010

Chickie has taken to doing jigsaw puzzles, which is great. I love to do them as well. Her boyfriend loves them too so when he visits, you will often see them in the living room, on a fold out table, hard at work while watching a movie. Good stuff. What I need to get her [...]

Ode to the clumsy

Date January 22, 2010

Ow. So, I rolled over at o’dark thirty and turned off my alarm clock.  And promptly fell back to sleep.  I awoke 40 minutes later with a start!  Oh CRAP!  Sat straight up, swung my legs to the ground and in my haste to get out of bed, I stepped on my daughter’s tennis shoe, [...]


Date January 20, 2010

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!  I sat down to write a quick post last night (several times) and  finally gave up.  It’s hard to keep up around here, what with all of the whining and sassing and mouthing going on.  My patience has been getting a work out is all I’m saying. That [...]

Who wants a cookie?

Date January 13, 2010

As I was traveling through the jungle, I came upon a man and beast.  The man, oh my, he was ruggedly handsome and brave and strong. He made my heart thump with fear, because I did not know if he was friend or foe. What if he would tie me up in the back of [...]

Come on in! The water is fine!

Date January 13, 2010

While we were visiting my parents this Christmas, there were a few glorious days that were in the low 70′s.  Of course, there were some people who felt it was so hot!  OMG…I’m miserable, it’s so HOT, HOT.  Did I tell you I thought it was HOT!  And that is all I heard.  How HOT [...]


Date January 11, 2010

Dear readers, It was 22 degrees outside this morning when I left my house at 6:00.  I am now sitting in front of a space heater in my cube, attempting to thaw the icicles from my nostril hair.  It’s not pretty. How do you people who live where it snows stand it? Love, Laura, the [...]

Working or Stay-At-Home?

Date January 6, 2010

The Brat Pack   I’m not entirely sure, but I think perhaps I have spent too much time with the kids. I am passing on really bad jokes to my husband and my friends. My husband thinks that it is high time I returned to work and I must admit, he probably has a point. [...]

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